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"I can’t thank you enough for helping me out with my dog walking. I have some serious health issues and a senior on a very low budget. You and [my volunteer] are a [godsend] to me. She is amazing. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart. What you are doing to help people like me is just amazing." 

- A. S., Toronto  (Dog Owner)

"[My volunteer] has turned out to be a tremendous help and is very personable. [...] I have nothing but praise for her.


I would recommend her as one of the best dog walkers I have encountered thus far. She is such a wonderful person and has a well rounded personality. She takes [my dogs] out for an hour walk 3 times a week and my two Doxies get so excited when she pulls up in her SUV. 


Thank you for pairing us together. You have no idea how much I appreciate it!"

- K. S., Toronto (Dog Owner)

"Volunteering for Zoomies has connected me with someone who I would never have met in my day to day life.  [My assigned dog owner] and I help each other...I help him with the pups and he's helped me have access to dogs which has been wonderful."

- G. S., Toronto (Volunteer)

"Thank you for [...] this amazing program.


I met [my volunteer] today and she took wonderful care of my dogs. She is extremely kind, considerate, well versed in dog care, and she made me feel very comfortable. I’ve never had such a good dog walking experience. 


I would highly recommend your service and [my volunteer] specifically. I’m very grateful to you both."

- J. H., Toronto (Dog Owner)

"Zoomies was a godsend for me and my dog. I cannot even begin to think what, as a senior, I would have done without these wonderful volunteers. [The founder] deserves a Nobel Prize for helping so many others in my position. The dog walkers were kind and [my dog] really looked forward to spending time with them.

We are so thankful and there really are truly good people out there who help others everyday."

- J. C., Toronto  (Dog Owner)

"As a frontline worker I can tell you just how amazing this is. One less thing to worry about having to get to during the day!"

- D. B., Toronto

"Wanted to post a thank you for such an amazing initiative. [My dog] had her first walk today... something she hasn't had in a while because on top of being immunocompromised, encountering anyone on our walks not wearing a mask sends me into an uncontrollable spiral due to my anxiety.

I'm so grateful to the volunteers [...] and the founders."

- J. L., Richmond Hill (Dog Owner)

"If you are a frontline worker with dogs, take my word for it and check these people out. They connected us with volunteers who want to help frontline workers by providing dog care while the owners are at work. We only asked them to check in on them, let them out and maybe walk them around if they have time.. they’ve taken them for like hour or two walks each time and texted us with updates the whole way. It’s been a huge help, highly recommend." 

- T. P., Guelph (Dog Owner)

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